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Schedule an Appointment


Clinical Labs of Hawaii allows you to schedule appointments online and check availability.

Scheduling Instructions

1)  Visit
2)  Click Book an Appointment
3)  Answer the questions provided
4)  Note the recommended service for your appointment
5)  Click one of the locations listed
6)  Select/confirm the recommended service and pick an available appointment time (using the calendar) for the location
7)  Follow onscreen instructions to complete the appointment scheduling and get your appointment confirmation details

Schedule an appointment

Change or Cancel an Appointment

To change an appointment simply cancel the original appointment and book a new one.


To cancel an appointment:
1)  Click the link to manage your appointment in the appointment confirmation email or text message
2)  Hit the "Cancel Appointment" button on the displayed web page
3)  Click "Ok" on the confirmation pop up


1)  Visit the appointment support page
2)  Complete the form input fields
3)  Type the message "Please cancel" followed by the patient name, date, time, and appointment confirmation number to cancel
4)  Click the "Submit" button